Please use Ctrl+Space always where possible.

So in the method sendMail() you have to complete the field 'Customer email' by Ctrl+Space, the same for getId, summary etc.

To add a new parameter to a method invocation you have to press 'Enter' standing on the other method parameter.

As for localization you recommend you completely get rid of l10n() expression and use simple text instead of.

Localization in the workflow works as follow: l10n can have infinite number of parameters of type string or of other type which can be cast to string. By this parameters the Workflow Editor can generates key (manually). This key and localized value(s) are packed statically is YouTrack.

So to localize in truth a workflow string you have to provide localization strings in YouTrack, as described here.

Also please look at the quick workflow reference for details.

So, if you need to localize notification only to Russian I advise you to replace l10n() expression with simple string: "На ваш запрос была заведена задача " + getId() completely.

Or wait the nearest bug fix, localization of this workflow to Russian will be included there. Other languages'll be provided soon.