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I upgraded to 2.7 recently. I never (almost) shut down my machine, having so much cheap ram around i never run out of it and run 10-30 apps on my desktop all the time. One of them is constantly open Pycharm. I use Win 8 Pro and Kaspesrsky Pure 2.0. The situation written below did not ever happen before upgrading to 2.7

Since updating to 2.7 pycharm randomly once in a while just shuts itself down. I can happen sometimes every two days, sometimes once a day. I cannot find any error log to post. The most scary thing is that when pycharm goes down, it takes down few other apps. Once it took down Thunderbird, Miranda-IM and few tray icons i don't remember. Today few minutes ago it was all windows of Excel, some background uploading program for my work that sits in tray and synchronize folders, and Steam (you can't work 24h a day ;). There is nothing in .PyCharm20\system\log\idea.log (it's modified date is 2 day old). Not a single event in windows event viewer that could be even remotely connected to pycharm or any other program that shuts down. One suspicious entry in kaspesky log (but pointing to python.exe not java or pycharm). The machine works flawlessly after the pycharm crash, although the programs shout down along pycharm did not exit clean. For example Excel allows me to recover documents i had open etc.

I am clueless. It started day after upgrading to pycharm 2.7. And i did not install or change anything in the software or hardware from that time.

I got exactly the same problem. No log entry, no error message – PyCharm simply disappears and takes a whole bunch of running applications with it.
Any news on this issue?

Could you please check if there are any hs_err*.log files in the "bin" subdirectory of the PyCharm installation directory?
Dmitry Jemerov, Chief Technology Officer, JetBrains

pycharm 2.7 sudden crash

my chrome crash At the same time 。

no error log

Hi Dmitry,
I'm afraid there's nothing like this.

I really am not sure if it's related at all, but crashing seems to appear only when python process is running in pycharm serving ie. django dev server. Today pycharm did not crashed because i had server running from console, and i managed to get what was possibly crashing python process because i had it streamed to file. I am not sure if it's what taking down my applications, because i don't think that if python.exe crash or was shut down it was produce any traceback... but still that's what was produced last...

Traceback (most recent call last):

File "C:\__DEV\LANG\PYTHON\3.3\lib\", line 610, in process_request_thread
Exception happened during processing of request from ('', 12200)
self.finish_request(request, client_address)

[...] whole log at: is some Chinese IP.

Today along with python and console i got all explorer windows, and media player classic, that was just paused in background.

It may be not at all PyCharm problem but django 1.5 at python 3.3

I don't think so, because I don't run Django at all. I'm not sure, however, about a Python process always running when the crash happens.

Yesterday I installed RubyMine trial. I was using rails tutorial from some book, wich means rails server running. And suddenly crash occured. RubyMine with handful of other applications went down. Maybe it's Kaspersky Pure? Or I don't know what :/ No error log was produced.

One similarity i found it's that always Jetbrains app (Pycharm or RubyMine) or Pyhon3.3 is involved, and always explorer.exe windows are gone (i have plenty of them always open) but main explorer.exe, the one that shows desktop, is not gone/restarting.

Same random crashes with 2.7.1 and also the EAP (2.7.2?)
No log, nothing. Pycharm randomly shutdown while remote debugging

Pycharm ceased to crash for me when i stopped using chrome. And i do seem to remember that i did almost always had chrome opened at the times of crash. Now when i don't use chrome pycharm does not crash. I would not relate Pycharm(well python itself to be exact) with chrome, if not a friend that had lot of python heavy using eve online game crashing with chrome in background. When chrome does not run there is not problems with pycharm and also with eve online. Can anyone confirm having chrome running when crashes does appear?

Yes, when I get PyCharm 2.73 sudden crashes I have had Chrome running.

Cannot be related to Chrome – I don't even have Chrome installed and the crash occurs.

Possibly, I at least can confirm that the error occurs under Windows.

this happens for me as well. chrome crashes along side pycharm, and pidgin crashed alongside pycharm once, but not always.

I have same issue. PyCharm 2.7.2. Crashed Chrome, PyCharm and (sometimes) other programs. I have found that it occurs at the moment when the service is started gupdate (update Google Chrome). Probably I'm wrong, but I checked this two times and get same result on each run gupdate.

This looks like fairly conclusive evidence that the problem is caused by gupdate, not by PyCharm.
Dmitry Jemerov, Chief Technology Officer, JetBrains

Impossible, because:

Cannot be related to Chrome – I don't even have Chrome installed and the crash occurs.

Hi guys. I watched PyCharm again and found that if I turn on DEP for all program and services, then works fine. If DEP for services only, then sometimes crashes..
And I agree with Thomas Strom, this don't be related with Chrome.

I'm seeing this problem regularly. Currently on version 2.7.3 of PyCharm, windows 7 64 bit. Has anybody tried DEP to see if it helps?

I am seeing the exact problem. I have windows 8 64 bit and 8 GB of Ram and
PyCharm 2.7.3 installed. When PyCharm crashes it takes down other apps,
Excel, Adobe Reader, Chrome, and Ecco. I can recover documents that were
open in Excel and Adobe Reader. I have checked the Windows event logs and
see nothing also checked for PyCharm logs and found none.

I do hope JetBrains fixes this issue soon.


There is no issue that we could fix. PyCharm is written in Java; there is no possibility for any code that we could write to crash any other application. Only JVM-level or OS-level issues could lead to that effect.
Dmitry Jemerov, Chief Technology Officer, JetBrains

I don't have a JVM installed on my PC. Does pycharm have the jvm embedded in its own windows distribution?

Yes, it does.
Dmitry Jemerov, Chief Technology Officer, JetBrains

Dmitry, one last question if you don't mind.

If I install the latest JVM, will PyCharm automatically run on that? Is there any way to tell which JVM PyCharm is using when it runs?

No, it will not automatically run on the JVM you've installed, but you can configure it by defining the PYCHARM_JDK environment variable with the value equal to the installation path of the JVM.
Dmitry Jemerov, Chief Technology Officer, JetBrains

I uninstalled PyCharm, downloaded and installed the latest java JRE from Oracle (version 1.7.0_25):

C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7\bin>java -version
java version "1.7.0_25"
Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.7.0_25-b17)
Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 23.25-b01, mixed mode, sharing)

Then I reinstalled PyCharm.

I confirmed that PyCharm is using the newly installed jre by temporarily removing the bundled jre in C:\Program Files (x86)\JetBrains\PyCharm 2.7.3\jre.

After about an hour of working, PyCharm shut down again with no warning, errors, or logs. No other user applications were running at the time. I'm running on Windows 7 (64 bit) in a corporate environment, on a box built for code development.

Dmitry, can you tell us something about the environment where you test PyCharm? OS, 32/64 bit, JVM version, anything else which could conceivably cause issues? From your comments I assume you do not see this problem internally at JetBrains.

No, we don't see the problem. Our Windows machines normally run 64-bit Windows 7 with no third-party anti-virus or firewall software and use the JRE bundled with PyCharm (32-bit Java 7). You can try running PyCharm under Java 6 or under a 64-bit JVM.
Dmitry Jemerov, Chief Technology Officer, JetBrains

An update for any others who are still having the sudden shutdown problem described above: in my case, the problems ceased instantly and permanently when I switched from Python 3.3.2 to Python 2.7.3 (Anaconda package). When I was using Python 3.3.2, I was using some windows package binaries from including numpy, scipy, numba, and some others. When I switched to Python 2.7.3, I was able to get all my packages and binaries from Anaconda.

I was a little surprised that the version of Python would affect the stability of PyCharm (since PyCharm is java). I can only assume that PyCharm is using Python for introspective analysis of the current code project, so a defective Python package binary could potentially crash PyCharm.

Ali, I'm using Gohlke's package binaries too. From time to time crash repeated.