Run django project directly into python console?

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I'm working on a django project, but often find myself needing to go straight into the python console/command line to test something out. To do this, I currently run the program in debug mode, wait for it to start, pause it, click 'Console', then click 'Command line'. This is more steps than I would like. Is it possible to create a debug profile to get me straight to the command line?
Have you tried Tools | Run Django Console?
Dmitry Jemerov, Chief Technology Officer, JetBrains

I have, but AFAIK this doesn't let me drop back into the running program if I want to.

Then there's no other possibility.
Dmitry Jemerov, Chief Technology Officer, JetBrains

Hi Viktor, it is possible to make command line to open automaticly, see Settings | Console | Always show debug console

Hi Dmitry, this almost there, except when I pause (in order to be able to use the console), it shifts across to the debugger tab. Is it possible to keep the focus in the console tab?

And for that we have an issue, please vote to get notified about a progress.