How to use Pycharm 3 with AWS(Amazon Web Services) for remote development

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I am curious to know how I can use Pycharm 3 with my development environment in AWS.

In the previous version of Pycharm, I used to be able to open .py files directly in AWS; so used a SSH browser such as Cyberduck on my Mac and changed the default browser to Pycharm, and it worked well for me. In Pycharm3, opening a .py extension file directly from the folder only takes me to the initial screen and not to a window with the code.

Hi Shri, could you please explain more detailed which behavior do you expect and which one do you get.

Hi Dmitry,

Thanks for the reply. When I was using Pycharm 2, I could simply open up a .py file from the Finder on the mac, and it would open up the code inside Pycharm3. However, when I open up a py file now, it does not take me to the editor - instead to the "Welcome to Pycharm Page" with "Recent Projects" and "Quick Start". Earlier I used to use this feature to directly open a .py file from an SSH file browser and edit the code with one click.

I am also exploring the use of Vagrant and to develop locally now, as I believe that is the approach recommended for Pycharm with remote deployment such as AWS. However, it would be great if I could simply open up a .py file directly in Pycharm even from the Finder.


I'm still on Pycharm 2. It will open the file into any already existing project window. Does that not work in 3? I do like that. Another poster got the answer no to, "Is it possible to use pycharm as a simple editor?"