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I am using PyCharm 3.4.1. I have set up a project to use a local variant of Django located at /prog/django. I've assigned Django support to the project using: File > Settings > Django > Enable Django Support, and I've set the Django Project Root to /prog/django. However, the PyCharm editor will not recognize "django" in e.g. from django import forms.

How do I get the editor to recognize Django? In previous versions of PyCharm there was a project path setting, but no more.

Thanks for any help.

Tried: File > Settings > Project Structure > Add Content Root; added the path to Django - This failed.

The solution is to add a path the to the (virtual) interpreter via: File > settings > Project Interpreter > click on the "Gear" > More > click on the Interpreter > Show Paths for Interpreter > "+" > add path = e.g. /prog/django > Save it.