Search fails for simple string with a comma in it

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As we are unable to search custom fields correctly in a "contains" way (e.g. "show all tickets where CustomFields CONTAINS 'something'") we've been putting the 3rd-party ticket references in the description, so we can find it:

Ticket ID: 12345
This is the full description of the ticket...

If I now type in 12345 into the search/command bar, it finds the Issue with that text in it.

If, however, we have multiple ticket ID's, it fails:

Ticket ID: 12345,67890
This is another ticket with two numbers in it

When I search for 67890 nothing is returned.
When I search for 12345 nothing is returned.

It's just text - I don't see why a comma in the description is being handled any different to any other character.

String '12345,67890' is handled as one word by the analyzer. Use gaps when you need to mention two IDs in descroption.
Ticket ID: 12345, 67890 (with the gap after comma character).
Searching for '67890' returns Ticket ID: 12345, 67890 as a result.
Searching for '12345' returns both tickets.

Thank you.

Andrey Tigay
YouTrack engineer