jira2youtrack.py fails with "Project [ TFJ ] not found."

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I'm trying to import existing JIRA issues to YouTrack inCloud.

JIRA 6.0
YouTrack inCloud
latest Python Client Library
The import script fails with "404: Not Found: Project [ TFJ ] not found.". But actually project "TFJ" exists.
Is JIRA 6.0 supported by the client library?

$ python jira2youtrack.py http://jira.twitter4j.org scott tiger http://twitter4j.myjetbrains.com/youtrack scott tiger TFJ 10
source_url : http://jira.twitter4j.org
source_login : yusuke
target_url : http://twitter4j.myjetbrains.com/youtrack
target_login : yusukey
project_id : TFJ
('issues_count : ', 10)
('skip_count : ', 0)
<?xml version="1.0" ?><importReport><item id="yusuke" imported="false"><error fieldName="login" value="yusuke">Value is not unique</error></item></importReport>
Error for http://forum.jetbrains.com/admin/project/TFJ/customfield: 404: Not Found: Project [ TFJ ] not found.

Hi Yusuke,

After it was handled in email thread, I'll repeat it here.
Please, create another user with full admin permissions in YouTrack ad log in with that user during the import process. Currently, your JetBrains Account login matches already existed user in YouTrack.

Let us know, if have any further questions.

Andrey Tigay
YouTrack engineer

Sorry for not responding earlier.

I managed to migrate all JIRA issues to YouTrack with your advice!