Unable to add OpenID providers after 5.1 update

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I am unable to follow instructions here - http://confluence.jetbrains.com/display/YTD5/OpenID+Integration - the documentation seems to be out-of-date with current youtrack version 5.1.

In all previous 5.0.* versions we were able to copy custom OpenID provider icons to WEB-INF/classes/smartui/img/ - This directory is now gone in current youtrack version 5.1.

I would be most happy with updated documentation for adding OpenID providers, any direction in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
After some additional testing and searching we have it working.

By recreating the missing /WEB-INF/classes/smartui/img directory and moving our modified version of OpenIdProvidersContainer.xml to the new /WEB-INF/classes/jetbrains-spring-configuration/jetbrains/charisma/openid/persistence location everything is working.

I wonder now if in a few months will the directory change again to /jetbrains-summer-configuration/