Javascript:void(0) on Spent time

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YouTrack 4.2.4 build#6055
out of sudden cannot enter values in Spent time field - Javascript:void(0) displays - the field is disabled
The field has a rule but even when I remove the rule, still doesn't let me to enter any value

any idea what might have caused the sudden issue? and how I can resolve it?
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Hello Eli Zafari-Kellermann,

Thank you for reporting this.
Could you please share with me the list of your workflows (also if there are any custom workflows as well)?

Thank you.

Andrey Tigay
YouTrack engineer

Hi Andrey
Thanks for quick response - some users telling me now that this was always the issue and the workaround is/was navigating to Time Tracking tab and enter the value there (sine mandatory) but strangely I did not have the issue until today.

here the workflows on the project:
jetbrains-youtrack-assigneeVisibilityGroup    1 / 1 rule    
jetbrains-youtrack-duplicates             6 / 6 rules
jetbrains-youtrack-setSpentTime             1 / 1 rule    (custom rule a modified copy of setFixVersions)
jetbrains-youtrack-subsystemAssignee         1 / 1 rule