Using Reserved Characters in Custom Fields

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I have created a "Size Estimate" field which uses the following enumeration list:
  • Estimate Needed
  • Less Than Day
  • 1 Day
  • Less Than Week
  • Less Than 2 Weeks
  • More Than Sprint

Unfortunately, with such long list values, they get cut off from the overview page; all you can see is:
  • "Estimate N..."
  • "Less Than..."
  • "1 Day"
  • "Less Than..."
  • "Less Than..."
  • "More Than..."

As you can imagine, it makes it difficult to see the size estimate at a glance. However, when I try to replace the words "Less Than" with the symbol "<" I'm told I can't use that symbol. I've tried replacing it with &lt; and &#60; but YouTrack didn't recognize those as the < symbol. Is there any way to use the less than and greater than symbols in an enumeration list?
Alright I also just tried the unicode character code: U+003C. No dice. Once again YouTrack didn't recognize it as the < symbol. I've also tried any combination of putting things in double quotes, single quotes, etc. So if there's a trick to this I'd really appreciate it.