Can not logon

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I setup teamcity and youtrack on same machine, as here they said.

But now I can't logon to youtrac:
at first I set root password and root link. after browser is restarted I go to http://pserver2:8100/youtrack, they redirect me to login page http://pserver2:8100/youtrack/login, but when I try to login on root account server reditect me to login page again. I tried remove youtrack database (teamsysdata), but it does not help me.
Any suggestions?

Ha! It's browser-specific problem. On IE it works, but on Chrome i get infinity loop of login form. but if I uncheck "Remember me" checkbox I can't logon on IE too.
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Hello Eugine,
What's your TeamCity context path? Is it /teamcity or just /?


What is "context path" ?? Base URL from settings is "http://pserver2:8100/youtrack"

I asked about TeamCity context path, not YouTrack. In the example you provided the context path is /youtrack.

O, about temcity, Yes, I forgot change BaseURL for TeamCity, it was "http://pserver2:8100". Now I change it to "http://pserver2:8100/teamcity", but there are no changes.

This could be caused by your browser remembering the cookies. Could you please clear the cookies for host pserver2 and restart the browser?

Super!!! It works!! Thanks a lot!