Is it possible to sort the list of burndown charts

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the listbox of burndowns is completely frustrating. How is it sorted, and how can we manage the sort order?

I tried the admin pages, but no luck there.

I believe they should be alpha sorted based on the text name

Hello Paul,
The combo lists your sprints. The values are sorted from earlier to later, so there's no way to change the sorting. What you can do, however, is to release or archive some of the sprints so they don't show up in the list.
You can do this under %BASE_URL%/editProject/PROJECT_ID#project-tab=Fields. Click on the name of a bundle of your sprint field (Field to identify sprints in your Agile settings, Fix Versions by default).


Hi Alex
Thanks for responding. We regularly deceased sprints. The ones you see are all current.
Auto sorting on creation date is probably not a good approach. It is 'too automated'


When designing the board we assumed there won't be more than 3-5 'open' sprints. Could you please elaborate on your use case so that we could either reconsider the implementation or suggest you some alternatives?